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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wasted Bullet?

Comics news site Newsarama interviewed Grant Morrison about his recently-concluded epic, "Seven Soldiers." At one point, Grant and Ian Brill (the interviewer) chat a little bit about one of the story's major players, The Bulleteer:

NRAMA: I must know, what happened to The Buleteer between Seven
Soldiers #1 and 52 Week 24 where she goes from being a severely reluctant hero
to someone who joins a version of the Justice League (a rather makeshift
version, but still)?
GM: Beats me. She's found her way into
the regular DCU as a kind of cipher who crops up when writers need a 'lame' hero
to stand around in crowd scenes.

What I find strange is that pretty much the same thing that happens in "52: Week Twenty-Four," a comic Grant Morrison co-wrote. Without spoiling too much, Bulleteer becomes a member of the new JLA (Justice League of America), but she only says one word in the entire issue.

Still, the interview is very interesting. Check it out:


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