Jumping into Comics

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

We told you the basics in the first post, but this second post will go more into specifics about what you can expect to see on this site.

First, let's start with what each of us admins will do individually. As I mentioned before, I'm focusing on recommending collected editions and graphic novels (both trade paperbacks and hardcovers). Hook will review individual issues and on occasion look at what came before and what they gave to comic books. Finally, Goblin will be our resident Marvel guy, meaning he'll focus on the House of Ideas (sorry Marvel Family fans). However, we don't feel obligated to always stick to our roles: for example, now and then I may talk about an individual issue I enjoy or Goblin may talk about something related to DC Comics, Image, Oni, or what have you.

We'll also be doing a couple of things together. For example, every now and then, we'll have a round-table discussion on some big event or topic going on in comics. You may see some inside jokes and comic-book terminology in these conversations, but don't worry: I'll be covering both in a later post.

Well, that's enough yapping from me. Let the comics chatter begin!


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