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Saturday, October 21, 2006

71-page "Sidescrollers" preview!

Earlier this month, Oni Press released "Sidescrollers," a 208-page graphic novel by Matthew Loux. Comic Book Resources has put up an old press release about it:

Brian, Brad, and Matt are three best friends who have stuck with each other
through thick and thin, despite the fact that they love to tease each other
constantly. It's a sweet summer off from the bummers of high school in their
small boring suburban town in Connecticut. They are the losers at their high
school, the oddities of their town. When they're not working at the local fast
food joint, you can find them either playing video games, eating junk food, or collecting
"SIDESCROLLERS is a story about the kids who in school were
considered either the nerds or the screw-ups," explained Loux. "These three guys
are best friends going nowhere, but they're totally okay with that. Until of
course, one fateful day when life takes them on an unexpected adventure they
will never forget."
This day starts out like any other, with an innocent
game of Street Fighter. But trouble brews when our perpetual losers discover
that the new girl in town, Amber (of whom Matt is sweet on) is going to the big
local rock show that night with Richard, the epitome of perverted, mean, and
annoying high school football jocks. Our three heroes suspect that Richard (or
"Dick", as he is known to them) has some creepy plans for the innocent girl he
is preying on, and so they take action in the best way high schoolers can: by
vandalizing his car!

Comic Book Resources has also been provided with a 71-page preview (!) of the graphic novel, and it's a lot of fun. Go to the first web site below and click on the cover to check it out:

And for more Oni Press publications, go here:

Friday, October 13, 2006

A taste of Vertigo

A while ago, Vertigo, DC Comics' mature readers imprint, put up the entire first issues of several of its comic series online, in PDF format. Many of these series have been collected into trade paperbacks (those fat comics you see in bookstores and comic shops), and the collections are listed at the end of each PDF file. These titles deal in various genres and several of them have been critically acclaimed, so there's sure to be one (at least) that gets your attention. Click on the link below to check them out: just remember, they're part of the "mature readers" line for a reason (they're basically the equivalent of an "R" movie).


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Civil War #4 parody

Hook found this hilarious parody of "Civil War" #4, the latest issue of Marvel's current company event. Check it out: